Laken Sumner isn’t your average teenager. Ever since she realized wild animals could hear her thoughts, she’s spent more time in the woods with them than with other children. Even her wolf is a better friend to her than most people. She trusts him—so much so that she follows him out into the wilderness in the middle of the night to find a lost little boy. But the boy’s disappearance is only the beginning.

The one bright spot in her life is Noah Lawson, the handsome new town deputy. Charming and mature, he almost seems too good to be true. Then she meets Xander Payne, the new boy at school who seems to know something about her. But how could that be possible?

As strange things begin to happen in her sleepy New England town, Laken wonders if Xander has something to do with it. Or is it just a coincidence that danger targets her soon after he arrived?

An Excerpt from Shadows at Sunset:

Only a few weeks ago, my town had felt so safe. No one even locked their doors, until now…

“Dakota!” I called, scrambling to my feet. I stood right where I was, watching and listening, but only silence and darkness loomed.

The back door opened, and I spun around to see Noah walking toward me with my gray fleece in his hands, his denim jacket now covering his maroon shirt. “Sorry that took so long. I made a quick visit to your bathroom.” He stopped halfway across the patio, concern sweeping through his eyes when his gaze settled on me. “Where’s Dakota? What happened? I was only gone for a minute.”

“There.” I turned and raised my arm, pointing at the woods. “I saw something, no, I mean someone. Someone was out there.”

I didn’t hear Noah’s footsteps, but I felt him behind me when he approached. “What are you talking about?”

“I saw a shadow, and it wasn’t a moose or a deer or a bear. It was human,” I told him, my eyes glued to the dark woods.

Then a loud snarl pierced the quiet night. Another one followed, and the image of the golden-eyed wolf sinking its teeth into Dakota flashed through my mind. The snarls and growls of what could only be two wolves out for each other’s blood grew louder in the distance. They continued for a minute until a sharp, pain-filled yelp cut through the air like a knife, followed by an eerie silence.

“Dakota!” I screamed, feeling as though my heart had been shattered into a million pieces. Panic lodged in my throat nearly choking me, and I took off running for the woods, determined to find him no matter how far I had to go.